Most of us have one brief opportunity to leave a first impression and the other side to take an interest in our business. A good pitch doesn’t require a lot of talent, because a perfect presentation just needs the right information, confidence and passion that you feel towards your company.

My task is to create with you a presentation that truly represents your company, and help you present exactly what you want in the best possible way.


Duration: 6 days

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On average, you have 8 seconds and 31 words to get the attention of a customer, business partner or investor. During this time, you need to be clear, simple, focused on the result, value and use simple words. Your presentation must be long enough to persuade them and short enough to maintain interest.

After doing 100+ public presentations and speeches about my company, I learned that there is one thing that makes an impression and sets you apart from everyone else. We process this “gem” through your personality, position, defined goal for the pitch and create a presentation that will be the basis for each subsequent one.

Training consists of a lot of work, modification, but also discovering the essence of your presentation. Together we create the pitch that is music for your interlocutor. Everything else is noise.



Erna Šošević

Founder & CEO

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