Erna Šošević

Hello! I am Erna, an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of the first digital networking platform for the private sector Bizbook, and one of the women pioneers of the technology startup scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

After 11 years of work experience in the real sector, I am launching Bizbook, a tool that introduces digital economic transformation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and which has won the title of the best BiH Startup for 2018, as well as the regional award for achievements in the field of digitalization of companies in 2019. In the same year, I received the "Strength of Excellence" award in the category of entrepreneurship from the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We were the first to digitize three fairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Bizbook has been on the radar of many investors since the beginning of development.

I am a speaker at many local and regional and European conferences on start-ups and entrepreneurship, a mentor and advisor to startups, a judge at start-up competitions, and an advocate for the greater involvement of women in entrepreneurship.

My Expertise:

✔Business consultant

✔Market analyst

✔Sales pitch educator

✔Mentor for women in business

✔Networking Advisor

✔A guide to finding the ideal investor


Experienced in:

✔Development of technological startups

✔Elaboration of business ideas

✔Mentoring start-ups

✔Presentation skills trainer

✔Education in the field of sales, business plan and development of market expansion strategy

✔Organization of startup competitions

✔Organization of B2B meetings

✔Business event moderation

When I want to immerse myself in silence and solitude, gather my thoughts and prepare for new challenges, I go to the mountains.

I am not a great athlete, but I really enjoy skiing, swimming and cycling and the environment that these sports provide me.




Founder & CEO


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