MasterMind Group program for up to five professionals in service-based niches, business coaches and consultants wishing to significantly improve profitability, build predictability in business and establish more sources of income.

The program is followed by intensive growth and a personal business network expansion.

Duration: 3 months

Service details

This program will make a complete turnaround in your business.

First, we’ll optimize your service offer and establish service productization, pricing structure and mechanics.

The next step is to set up a service communication workflow and sales process with objection handling. As a result, you’ll be positioned as your client’s wingman.

We’ll also adequately address the actual state of your business, define clear goals and expectations, build the foundation for scaling and nurturing your business network, help you skyrocket your business and prepare your ideal exit plan.



  • Minimum 35% increase in closing rate
  • Polished sales cycle and client segmentation, objection handling, pre-qualification, qualification and entire sales process under your control
  • Service productization – easy to communicate value, shorter sales cycle and boosted deal closing rate
  • Established opportunity generation system, sales funnel and inbound sales pipeline
  • Minimum 100% increase in profit margin
  • Fully implemented value-based pricing – being paid for the results you deliver
  • Minimum 300% growth of your business network in three months and private business community establishment
  • Implemented several (3+) income streams



Filip Zolota


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