Dismiss endless requests for proposals. Detailed proposals on 20+ pages won’t land you the job but knowing your client’s perspective will.

Learn why the value conversations are the absolute foundation of your relationship with the client. You don’t get a doctor’s prescription before the exam, so why should you offer solutions before the audit?

Duration: 7 days

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Free pitching goes “hand in hand” with creating endless proposals. Every company in the creative industry has experience with receiving requests for proposals from prospects – playing that game can lead to filing paperwork 24/7 without results. Not only is that counterproductive for you, but it is equally confusing and time consuming for the client.

It is crucial to arrange a meeting and discuss relevant details of the project before creating a proposal. If you encounter a “hardcore” prospect who insists on a written proposal before meeting, that proposal should not be free of charge. A personalized private RFP Cookbook consultation will help you implement a “no free pitching” policy and optimizes your sales process.



Filip Zolota


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