Is your brand stuck or lacks clarity? Or are you starting your business and you have no idea where to start from?

Magic words are:

Your brand can be recognizable, lovable, meaningful, and resourceful.
Your brand can make an impact and work for you.

Duration: Defined with a client

Service details

A brand is like a living being. It needs a purpose, a road map for living, and adjustments on the way. Whether you need to tell a good story or just feeling stuck with brand communication, I can help. Through private and personalized consultations, the first step is to quickly detect a challenge you are facing. The next step is to bring clarity in the structure and messaging of your brand and then to find and deliver the best solution for you.

Brand and communication strategy includes:

• Brand purpose, positioning, and proposition
• Brand name and claim (if needed)
• Brand story
• Brand visual communication (architecture, visual identity, visual standards,
logotype) (if needed)
• Brand communication strategy and guidelines (communication strategy and a
short guide containing key messaging across all platforms)

Upon delivery, we will schedule a set of 3 online meetings where you will have a chance for a live
brand mentoring that will ensure the correct implementation of the strategy and guidelines.



Ivana Kraljić


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