Research consultancy is a service that includes various stages of research, such as development of research design, development and validation of measurement instruments, data analysis and reporting. By utilizing this service, you will be able to make valid conclusions about your research problems.

Duration: 90 minutes

Service details

Since the point of every research is to learn new information necessary for solving a specific problem, we can help you in several ways. One is to develop a research design -the “masterplan” of the research. At some point in the research, you will need to gather the data, so developing and using a measurement instrument is a necessary step. In case you want to measure something intangible, you can use measurement instruments such as questionnaires.


There is a lot of information hidden in the data, and without using the right tools, you might never find them. This is why statistical data analysis is so important. It can range from the simplest description of the data to the most complex calculations. Finally, knowing how to communicate your results is crucial, and this is where you can lean on us to help you with reporting.


In this service you will be guided from the beginning to the end of the research process, starting with making a plan of the research, advising you in gathering the data, analyzing them and reporting the findings.



Filip Gospodnetić


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