Commercial finance consulting for companies and businesses seeking to raise funds in the UK and EU as applicable, whether UK based or foreign based organisations.

Duration: 1 hour

Service details

Asset Based Finance and Leasing Ltd (ABFL) is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (FCA) for credit broking and for debt advisory activities and we help assist businesses seeking to grow using commercial finance as part of their funding requirement.

We analyse your current circumstances, including a review of your present financial situation, your future plans, financial forecasts and business strategy ambitions and then work out with you the best way forward, and if, required, the necessary commercial finance solutions to help you to achieve your aims and ambitions.

The service we provide can be either as an ongoing consultancy on an agreed day rate, or on a bespoke basis, depending on the nature of the requirement – so this could be a lower initial appraisal fee (non-refundable), to review the proposal, assess the options and report back with a suggested strategy, and then charge a success fee, based on the amount of funding required by the client and payable on legal completion once funding is successfully raised and drawn down.

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