Do You Want to be a Service Provider or a Partner?


Being an owner of a full-service digital agency and working with dozens of other agencies as a consultant and cooperant gives me a comprehensive insight into agency-client relationships.

One of the most common and most significant mistakes among digital agencies is positioning themselves merely as a service provider for the client.

This not only means that you are replaceable in the eyes of a client but also is greatly depreciating the value of your work and expertise.

The goal is to approach your client from a partner position – you are not someone who will just complete the task they give you. You are a partner that will help them develop the entire business model, build a marketing strategy and reach all their professional goals.

While working on a project, you share your expertise, knowledge and experience with your client, making sure they have your full professional support every step of the way.

By positioning yourself as their partner, consultant and right-hand man, you are no longer “someone they hired to do the job”, you become a person that shares the risk and is invested in their company’s future.

We often encounter price comparison between agencies – there is nothing wrong with getting “a feel” for the market, but is essential that your client knows what level of service you are putting on the table. By hiring you, they are not getting a service provider, but rather a partner supporting them every step of the way. That is the key to differentiating yourself from the competitors.

One important thing to remember – both for you and your client, is that by approaching them from a partner position, you will not put your goals ahead of that of your client. As their partner, you will align your goals and objectives with that of your client – and work in collaboration to develop and execute strategies that will enhance the client’s business operation.


Filip Zolota