Mario Kunić

Hello, I am Mario and my story starts from Zagreb. My expertise is sales, of which I have been an „ambassador“ for almost 10 years. With over 25,000 hours of sales meetings, we can say that even the highest quality light bulbs would burn out if they only burned then
I'm also the CEO of Sales Service, a company that offers service of B2B sales.

In the business aspect, I am most proud of two things:

✔When people get a job because of good sales results and they have the opportunity for personal growth and development

✔With my contacts who are the real deal, which means 2000+ decision-makers: owners, chief executives, department directors, directors, managers, managing directors
I’m employed in the vending machines industry so I like to say for myself that I'm paid for drinking a coffee. If we have to mention the responsibility, it is for € 3 million annually.

I consider education as personal hygiene and regularly attend sales courses on platforms like Udemy or I read professional literature.

I love football and tennis, and even more, my daughter and quality time spent.


+385 91 431 1024


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