Branimir Milanković

My name is Branimir and I am the head of sales in Anparo – certified company for Safety at work and fire safety in Croatia. At the time of writing this text, I am 41 years old and have about 20 years of experience, mostly in sales. I sharpened my sales techniques with more than seven companies and I have a combined 22 years of schooling/education.
So far, I have spent more than 6.000 hours consulting numerous companies about Safety at work and Fire safety laws in Croatia.

I strongly believe in a personal approach, I believe in clean and healthy communication, from which all participants emerge enriched with new experiences and recognize the value in further socializing and cooperation.

I don’t deal with companies, I deal with people. I’m not into sales, I’m into creating lasting relationships based upon understanding and mutual trust and respect. And I very much love what I do.

My Expertise:

✔Occupational Safety in Croatia


Sales Manager
+385 95 36 45 459


Health and SafetyOccupational Safety


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