Brad Halliwell

I guide and support business leaders to make positive and sustainable changes in their careers and business.

My business career spans over 30 years: from retail, to franchising, to business development. I am an entrepreneur, professional speaker, certified master instructor and coach. Through my coaching practice, I have helped business professionals from a wide range of backgrounds such as the Trades to Sales Executives; interior design to restaurants. Some of my clients were well established, while others were just starting out. When results matter, business leaders turn to my effective coaching to help get them to where they want to be.

My main goal is to help you. I understand many of the problems and concerns small business owners face and as such, I am well suited to help you get past those hurdles. No one makes it by themselves and speaking to someone who has been there can help get you better focused on the task at hand.

I have a great passion for small business. I grew up with my father never having worked for anyone but himself. Understanding the pressures and hard work that goes into driving one's small business is something I am very in tune with and have the utmost respect for. Helping small business owners is what I do, and do very well.




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